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Parents Section

Information for parents:


From "Raising a Team Player" by Harry Sheehy, athletic director at Williams College:

"When a young athlete comes home from a game, the first questions that come out of a parent's mouth are the most important. What are the first three questions a parent should ask?

  • Did you have fun?
  • What do you remember about the game?
  • Now what are you going to work on?

What are the first three questions a parent will be tempted to ask first but should save for later?

  • Did you win?
  • How did you play?
  • How much did your coach play you?

These two sets of questions send very different messages to the child, and the order in which they are asked tells a lot about the people who ask them. So pay attention to what you say, Mom and Dad. Your children are listening." (p. 89)