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Post Season - 2014

This section explains our post-season “All-Star” program, which is the part of our program which stands in fairly stark contrast to our regular season. 


All-Star play is meant to be a fairly challenging experience for kids who wish to engage in tournament play against competitive teams from out of town. Our main tournament experience is the Cal Ripken State Tournament, in which Cal Ripken teams from all over Massachusetts participate.  All-Star tournaments are typically organized by age-grouped teams.  Accordingly, it’s typically our league’s plan (subject to sufficient numbers of interested kids and available coaches) to assemble four all-star teams: a 12 and under team; an 11 and under team; a 10 and under team; and a 9 and under team. In our state tournament, a child is eligible to play on only one All-Star team


In order for a given child to participate on an All-Star team, three things must be in place.


First, the child (and the family) have to want to participate.  All-Star play is somewhat more intense than our regular season. It involves a significant time commitment for practices and tournament play (including travel). It involves certain expenses.  Not all children and families are interested in this, and that is certainly fine; but if a child is going to be considered for an All-Star team, the first question to be asked is: Do we as a family want to do this?


Second, the child needs to be available for practices and games. Tournaments are scheduled by the state Cal Ripken organization. As a local league, we have no control over that.  If you think your child would like to be considered for All-Star play, but he or she is going to be unavailable (for example away on vacation) during the tournament itself, or for a significant number of team practices – again, this is probably not something you should plan to pursue.


Finally, if a child and family want to be considered, and the child will be available, he or she must be selected for all-star play. Unlike our regular season  – which emphasize inclusion – All-Star rosters are limited by our league bylaws to a maximum of 12 players, plus several alternates. The selection process is likewise set forth in our league bylaws. Players are selected by team Managers and the league President through a nomination and voting process. Our league has a mandatory playing time rule for our All-Star teams. Our league bylaws state: “All-Star team members shall play in the Cal Ripken state, regional, or national tournament a minimum of three (3) defensive innings and have at least one (1) at-bat in every game. In all other All-Star team play, players shall have Equal Playing Time.”  Please note that these minimum playing time provisions do not extend to alternates.


Our bylaws also provide that the given All-Star Team’s Manager, in consultation with the League President, shall determine and or identify the: (a) All-Star Team practice schedule; (b) anticipated overall time commitment (including practices, travel, and games) for players and families; (c) anticipated costs for players and families; and (d) the effect on playing time of missing team practices.

This information will be distributed to the league during the season, as well as posted here on the league web site. Any changes to this policy will also be posted in this section.

2014 All-Star Dates

District Tournament (Berkshire County)

9U - Completed by July 13th
10U - Completed by June 29th
11U - Completed by July 13th
12U - Completed by June 29th

State Tournament - Locations to be announced in April
9U - July 18th
10U - July 5th
11U - July 18th
12U - July 5th