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Core Guidelines

WCR will implement procedures that follow - and enhance - safety guidelines provided by local & state public health authorities, as well as baseball-specific guidelines provided by Babe Ruth. Our safety precautions include social distancing, masking and sanitizing. Success depends on cooperation by all our coaches, players and parents.

All participants (players, coaches and parent spectators) are expected to bring a mask to the ballpark and to wear the mask when required by our procedures, or by request of a WCR Safety Officer.

Additional Covid Documentation:  Massachusetts State Guidelines  |  Babe Ruth Baseball Guidelines

What WCR is Doing

Modifications for Health Guidelines

Smaller Groups

WCR will limit the number of players and spectators at the field. Practices and games will be designed for social distancing, and we ask that only 1 parent accompany each player as a spectator.

Ballpark Setup

The field spaces will be redesigned with clear signage to maintain social distancing for players and parent spectators, while helping control traffic as players move about. Features of the ballpark that are unnecessary for on-field play, such as restrooms and concessions, will be closed.

Player “Gear” stations will be designated along the fenceline at social distance, where players can store personal belongings, such as their bats, helmets, water bottles and personal sanitizing lotion.


No equipment will be shared during play. We ask players to bring their own bat, helmet and glove, if possible. WCR will issue player-assigned bats or helmets to players who need them. All player equipment will remain at the player “Gear” stations when not in use.

Sanitizing & Cleanliness

WCR will sanitize and clean surfaces and items such as baseballs for play.

Players will be expected (and coached) to sanitize their hands frequently as they rotate on and off the field.

Expectations for Coaches

Coaches are expected to actively participate in supporting safe, healthy sportsmanship. Practice preparation will consider how to maintain social distancing during play.

What We Ask Parents and Players to Do

Stay Home if You’re Sick

Members should stay home if they don’t feel well. The CDC and state public health officials encourage seniors and members of vulnerable populations, including those with underlying health conditions, to stay at home.

Keep Your Distance

Please locate and respect all signage regarding social distancing. Strive to maintain at least six feet between you and others whenever possible.

Keep the Siblings at Home

We are limiting spectator capacity to help manage social distancing and keep things simple. We ask that 1 parent accompany each player to the ballpark.

Follow Instructions and Ask if You’re Not Sure

Our Coaches and WCR Safety Officers want to help maintain a safe environment. We may ask you to move to another location or wear a mask.

What to Bring to the Ballpark


Every player must have a mask on their person at all times and must cooperate when coaches call for “Mask-On” situations. Please make sure masks are securely fastened over the nose and mouth and will not fall off when running around or doing athletic things. Also, ensure that the mask is secured when worn in reserve (e.g. around the neck). For masks that fasten around the ears, an additional strap may be needed if the mask is to be worn in reserve.

Hand Sanitizer

Please be sure that your player has a way to clean his/her hands during play (e.g. a bottle stored in their player “Locker.” WCR will have a supply of hand sanitizer available, but personal use items are preferred.

Water Bottle

We will not make water available at the field, so players need to bring their own water.

Your Baseball Gear

We will have a limited supply of baseball helmets and bats we can issue to players. Please inform your coach if you prefer to use WCR gear. The WCR equipment will be sanitized and prepared for your use, and will not be shared with other players.


Baseball Bat

Batting Helmet

We require face protection on helmets in the Minors, 10U & 12U Softball divisions. Full cages or face plates are acceptable.

Mask-On & Mask-Ready Situations

We require masking for any situation when social distancing is impossible, or if players are likely to come together during gameplay. When in doubt, simply wear the mask.